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10% discount for military and seniors!

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I empower you with the skills and confidence to maintain an organized and harmonious home.

Welcome to Let’s Get Organized with Jenn, LLC, situated in the heart of Lee’s Summit, MO. As a certified home organizer, my services extend beyond simple tidying up; they are about creating harmony and efficiency in your living spaces. My journey into this field was sparked by a personal passion for order, which quickly turned into a professional pursuit. With a deep understanding of various organizing personality types, I offer solutions tailored to your individual needs and lifestyle.

In my practice, I focus on assisting clients with diverse needs, including individuals dealing with conditions such as OCD, ADHD, ADD, Alzheimer’s, and others. I understand the distinct challenges posed by each condition and approach every project with a combination of patience and empathy. My aim is to facilitate an organized and stress-free process tailored to the specific requirements of each client. Additionally, I collaborate with real estate agents to effectively remove clutter from homes, offering comprehensive support during significant life transitions like downsizing or estate sales. This collaborative approach ensures a seamless and supportive experience for individuals navigating through various life changes.

My home organization service begins with a collaborative effort to purge unwanted items, followed by exploring and implementing effective storage solutions. This process not only results in a visually pleasing space but also one that is functionally organized. While I handle trash and donation haul away, please note that I currently do not offer furniture hauling services. Additionally, for any required bins, containers, or shelving, I source cost-effective options that complement your organizing plan.

Interior Design

For clients who prefer a more self-guided approach, I offer online coaching sessions. These sessions are designed to equip you with the skills and strategies needed to maintain an organized home over time. They are particularly beneficial for those who wish to develop long-lasting organizational habits. This service is all about empowering you to take control of your space and keep it organized.

As a gesture of appreciation to the community, I offer a 10% discount to seniors and military personnel. I am committed to delivering exceptional home organization services that transform your space into a serene and orderly haven. Each project is a journey towards achieving peace and joy in your living environment. Reach out today, and let’s begin the journey to a more organized, harmonious home.


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